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The Pledge

The Pledge

We Pledge to the People of Prince George’s County, should you entrust us with the privilege of public service, we will collaborate with our fellow elected officials to deliver the following within the first three years of our term:

    * We Pledge to encourage greater improvements in our education system, by supporting demonstration projects for early education, year-round schooling, early college; teacher recruitment, and other innovative programs, through aggressive pursuit of dedicated public and private funding, that doesn’t ask the school board or superintendent to take funding away from existing school programs;

    * We Pledge the creation of a plan for greater coordination of the entire Prince George’s County government with the school system for accelerating improvements in our schools and greater efficiency where possible;

    * We Pledge to deliver a comprehensive job creation, competitive housing market, and economic growth plan for Prince George’s County within the first 100 days of the new administration;

    * We Pledge an enhanced incentive package for County Workers and County Subcontractors to spend money at targeted businesses within enterprise zones and designated commercial areas; to help create jobs and economic opportunity where needed most;

    * We Pledge to strengthen Prince George’s County’s commitment to smarter growth, rural & historic preservation, and true community-driven development, by creating disincentives & restrictions to sprawl and greater incentives to bring jobs and opportunities to underserved communities, especially near metro stations;

    * We Pledge to keep more of your tax dollars working for Prince George’s County by adding a “Net Financial Benefit to the County ” score to the procurement evaluation and contracting process, based on potential and past taxes paid, current number of employees paying taxes and residing in Prince Georges, and percent of services purchased from Prince George’s County companies;

    * We Pledge to improve the strength and enforcement of equal pay for equal work laws in Prince George’s County, especially with respect to those performing services using your tax dollars; pay disparities in the workforce will be eliminated in Prince George’s County;

    * We Pledge to simplify access to government services through the creation of a “311” information number for all County and local government needs;

    * We Pledge comprehensive ethics reform for all elected officials representing Prince George’s County including every agency head, board member, and appointee; we will not tolerate personal use of your tax dollars;

    * We Pledge to have an independent evaluation, analysis, and audit of Prince George’s County revenue and expenditures, to determine if there are more effective financial systems and practices, which can relieve the burden on property owners, while matching income with population growth and required delivery of services;

    * We Pledge to strengthen laws, procedures, and policies and collaborate with each branch of the criminal justice system, so that the definitive message that Prince George’s County does not tolerate violence, including domestic violence, resonates throughout the region and nation.

Angela Alsobrooks, Rafael Hylton, Rushern Baker, Mel Franklin, Derrick L. Davis, Frederick Smalls, Samuel Epps, Mary Lehman

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